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Client Success Stories

I am extremely impressed with Computer Geeks and their ability to provide a professional and proficient service for our company. They have advised and enabled us to future proof our companies IT effectively. The staff at Computer Geeks are courteous and are able to assist my office using clear and concise communication without using technical and often confusing jargon. Thank you Computer Geeks for all your support…

Stuart Carter, Director, 3 Trees Community Support, Southmead

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We update our lists each week to give you the best deal possible!

Computer Geeks work hard to find our customers some of the best best value systems available in the UK.

With Computer Geeks it couldn't be simpler to make the leap to a new PC

Unlike most companies, our prices include migration of your old system. All you have to do is drop off your old PC and then pick up a brand new machine that has been pre-set and configured with all your key data and programs in place.

We do computer hardware and accessories as well

As well as pre-built systems, we can also help you source IT hardware at great prices. Just let us know your requirements and we will find the best solution for your needs. Whether it's printers, memory, monitors or peripherals contact Computer Geeks.

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