Bristol Industrial Protection

Industrial Health and Safety Specialists - Avonmouth

Bristol Industrial Protection (BIP) are a company specialising in the supply of equipment, supplies & services for industrial firms. This includes health & safety equipment, fire supplies, PAT & electrical, cleanup, and subcontracted manual expertise from many sectors.


Initial Contact:

BIP became a client of Computer Geeks through referral. Initially Computer Geeks supplied some assistance with PC servicing in 2009, and it was in 2011/2012 when Computer Geeks were more principally involved in a major rollout of new systems, servers and networks on site.

The Solution:

Computer Geeks provided a quick response to support Sage and a broken PC. This provided enough trust and a positive working relationship which allowed for further additional work in the future.

Additional Work:

Computer Geeks in 2011/2012 supplied a full network-wide rollout of:

  • Windows 7 Professional workstations + fileserver, and fully managed data and role migrations
  • Gigabit network
  • Draytek Router
  • Data extraction, recovery and backups
  • Printer replacements
  • New large widescreen TFT monitors, cabling + peripherals for all staff
  • Antivirus rollout + consolidation (AVG)