Honeyfield Property Services (HPS)

Property Management Services and Building Contractors - Bristol

Honeyfield Property Services Bristol was formed in 2007 and is based in Bedminster, Bristol. Their client-base range from blue chip companies, to local councils, commercial businesses, rail and transportation companies, and more.

URL: www.hpsbristol.co.uk

Initial Contact:

After an initial Google Search found us, an initial enquiry was made to discuss a website upgrade, unbundling their domain name and website from BT, and to ask if we could take a look at their existing IT systems to see what we would recommend be done to improve performance and reliability. At this stage they had a very simple 5-PC network using 54G wireless through a stock BT router with a 7 year-old consumer desktop machine acting as a file-server.

The Solution:

After performing a full audit of their internal systems we proposed the following work package.

Website Project:

  1. Unbundling of domain ownership and DNS/Hosting control from BT to an independent provider managed by Computer Geeks.
  2. A website modernisation project to replace the old placeholder site with a modern, media-rich and feature-packed web presence.
  3. Migration from BT POP email to a mainstream Cloud-collaborative solution (including shared email and calendars).

Infrastructure Upgrade:

  1. A dedicated enterprise level server with RAID, Hybrid-cloud backup solution and UPS
  2. Wired gigabit LAN network
  3. Networking points installed and a network cabinet added to house the new server and networking equipment
  4. Migration of accounts package from old to new - along with an upgrade from v2 to v3 of the software
  5. Application support throughout the rollout and to cover teething problems

Additional Work:

Renewed annual contract for the 3rd time in 2014.

We perform regular and scheduled maintenance tasks to ensure their systems remain running securely and effectively which is assisted by a Remote Managed Services (RMS) tool that monitors their systems and alerts if any key hardware or software issues are flagged.

We provide ongoing support to their staff on site using telephone and remote desktop support.

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