Lifting Gear and Safety (LGS)

Lifting Gear and Safety Ltd - Bristol

Lifting Gear and Safety (LGS) is a rapidly growing company. They specialise in the sale and hire of lifting and safety equipment. A friendly local business (Bristol-based initially), they have expanded over the last years to more than 7 sites and we have helped them upgrade their infrastructure accordingly at every step of the way.


Initial Contact:

We were first contacted after Brian Curtin from LGS found us through the Yellow Pages. They had a requirement for a server to run Inspire (stock management and invoicing software). At this stage they had 3-4 PCs networked using 100Mbit LAN through a single Netgear router.

The Solution:

After checking the system requirements to run the Inspire Software, we proposed a server which satisfied the requirements for the proposed software rollout, but also allowed for scope to grow in the future. This was key in Brian's choice to accept the quotation - we did not quote too high, nor too low, just the correct amount. Included in the proposal was an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), secure backup, and customised build to ensure Inspire worked flawlessly.

From enquiry to full rollout of solution was just 2 weeks.

Additional Work:

The original server solution was designed from the ground up to allow expansion of their systems. This has lasted several years, representing a great value investment for LGS. All of our ongoing solutions have been designed to be forward thinking, always thinking of the next steps in the business growth plan. We provide ongoing consultancy, regular meetings and discussions to help us anticipate and plan future work.

LGS's growth was swift and were looking to create an online presence to draw in further business. After approaching Computer Geeks and receiving a quote LGS went ahead with a full website modernisation project. The site was built to link in with an existing online check-in system, to match all existing branding and printed literature, and most importantly has an extensive showcase of their product range.

Once expanded to a 2nd location, the ability to access Inspire from multiple sites became a requirement. We set up a VPN system to enhance functionality and make Inspire accessible remotely and to allow collaborative working.

Desktop Hardware:

We have also provided all new PCs for the new sites, along with a number of custom refurbished machines. All systems supplied have been preconfigured so that they seamlessly integrate into the existing systems with no additional user configuration required.

Lifting Gear Safety in 2014 renewed their annual agreement for another year.

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